Update Your Window Treatments to Enhance the Look of Your Rooms


Redecorating your home often costs more than people first think…or budget for. For some, the potential or perceived expense prevents them from taking on this project at all. There are some smaller affordable changes that will give your home a new look without breaking the bank. These include:

New cushions
Indoor plants
Soft lighting
Rugs and throws

One of the most easy to source and affordable changes you can make to a room is hanging custom made roman blinds or custom made curtains. Changing your blinds or curtains will instantly give the room a new look and you won’t need to wait for designers or builders to come in to your home to do work- your new curtains will be ready to hang!

So why are more Auckland homeowners turning to roman blind manufacturers and custom curtain makers in NZ to help them decorate?

Roman shades flatter any room in the home and they never go out of style. The simple lines don’t compete with other elements in the room, but enhance them. For this reason, those who want a relaxed feel to a room find this is the best option, as they add softness to the atmosphere and they aren’t fussy. The cost of custom roman shades depends in part on the size of the window, but for regular sized windows there are often ready made styles available to select from that will fit their overall home decor theme.

One major benefit of choosing roman shades is they make use of flat construction. This means less fabric is required, and many individuals find they can upgrade their fabric choice as a result. Why settle for a plain kitchen or boring bathroom when these shades can be used and make a functional room a masterpiece?

Prestige CMT (prestigecmt.webs.com) provides made to order roman blinds in both corded or chain operated versions. In addition, they offer made to order curtains using both traditional and contemporary making methods. For those who want to update their cushions at the same time, Prestige CMT can be of help as they keep a variety of cushions in stock with the range changing seasonally. Visit the website today to be inspired for your next home decorating project!


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